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If you’ve been searching for the best all-natural deodorant then you’re in luck because there are some good options out there. To help you sort out which all natural deodorants are actually worth trying.  And determine how to choose the right deodorant for you.  We’ve created a simple, step-by-step guide:

Aim for deodorants with 100% naturally-derived ingredients

The vast majority of deodorants out there are formulated with irritating, unhealthy synthetic chemicals. That’s why it’s important to look for safe, naturally-derived ingredients. For example ingredients sourced from plants, trees, fruits and flowers or inert material like clay. Even if the deodorant label says “natural”. Check to see what the % natural is and aim for as close to 100% naturally-derived as possible. If the company doesn’t list the % natural on their label, ask why.

Look for natural active ingredients that protect against underarm odour

This one seems like a no-brainer.  But it’s important to look for proven natural ingredients that eliminate and neutralise odour.  Like hops, kaolin clay, eucalyptus and saccharomyces ferment. If the all natural deodorant you’re considering doesn’t have at least a few of these ingredients.  It’s probably not going to get the job done.

Choose aluminium-free deodorants

Aluminium is found in a lot of antiperspirants because it physically blocks sweat glands, but that also means it interferes with the body’s natural cooling process (and the body often compensates by sweating elsewhere – e.g. your hands, forehead or feet). Worse, studies have shown that aluminium may cause DNA mutations and tumour cells. Aluminium has also been linked to Alzheimer’s disease. To us, it’s just not worth the risk.

Avoid commonly used synthetic chemicals/toxins

As noted above, most deodorants on the shelf contain unhealthy synthetic ingredients – many of which are proven toxins. These toxins can interfere with hormones like estrogen and testosterone, promote the growth of cancer cells in women and men, and may impair fertility or affect foetal development.

Look for beneficial active ingredients, like shea butter and aloe

All natural deodorants should do more than block odour and keep you free from toxins. They should also work to actively nourish, soothe and heal your skin. Ingredients like aloe and shea butter (which contains vitamin E and carotene) moisturise and regenerate your skin to keep your underarms soft, smooth and irritation-free.

Watch out for deodorant that stains

Contrary to popular belief, the unsightly stains you find after using many deodorants – synthetic or natural – even after washing your clothes, are not usually from sweating, but from aluminium or other ingredients found in the deodorant itself. However, there are only a handful of all-natural deodorants on the market (very few actually!) that won’t stain your shirts.

Keep it smooth and long-lasting

A high quality natural deodorant should go on smooth and silky and have great glide – whether your armpits are still moist from showering or totally dry. It should also last a long time – a stick should last at least 2-3 months if not longer. Many natural deodorants are sticky and gunk up your armpits with residue, leaving you wondering if you’ve over-applied – and many last less than 30-45 days, especially if you have to reapply frequently.

Review articles online comparing the top all-natural deodorants on your short list

In 2018, finding the best natural deodorant is something a lot of folks are trying to solve for. As you can imagine, there’s a lot of information out there comparing different all-natural deodorants, and it can be overwhelming. To narrow your search, try using specific search terms like Ursa Major Deodorant vs Native Deodorant or Ursa Major Deodorant vs Kopari Deodorant to compare natural deodorants you’re interested in.

Check critical, expert deodorant reviews

You’ve probably done this already, but it’s on the list just in case. Check out what natural skin and body care experts are saying about the deodorants on your short list. Also be sure to check out online customer reviews to get real feedback from actual paying customers.

Aim for baking soda-free deodorant if you have sensitive skin

Many natural deodorants still contain baking soda, which can act as an irritant to folks with extra sensitive skin (about 1 in 10 people). Look for baking soda-free versions of best-selling natural deodorants.

Keep going until you find a natural deodorant that works for you!

Different natural deodorants work for different body chemistries, so you might need to try several natural deodorants ‘til you find one you’re happy with. Be persistent and remember to give it two to three weeks as you transition to a new all-natural deodorant before reaching a verdict. The good news is that there are some great options out there. Good luck with your search!

Nourished Life has an excellent range of natural deodorants.

Natural & aluminium-free deodorants that work!

We have built our reputation on being the “strictest natural beauty store” and when it comes to deodorants, we love testing these for you. Sweating is a natural detoxification process and not something we think we should stop our bodies from doing. Many mainstream deodorants use chemicals designed to block this process and work as an ‘antiperspirant’ to stop sweating. The deodorants we stock at Nourished Life are not antiperspirants and are not designed to block the delicate sweat glands. Instead they use a combination of natural ingredients to help absorb wetness and neutralise odour.

All the big brands at the best prices

At Nourished Life we stock natural and organic deodorants from all the big brands. We were the first store to discover the Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste and the Fresca range of roll on deodorants which have attracted hundreds of five-star reviews from our customers! There’s something for everyone in our range, with a great selection for men and women, boys and girls, athletes and even Bikram yoga fans! With so many options and so many great brands to choose from, we believe you’ll will find an effective natural deodorant that’s right for you and your lifestyle.

Don’t sweat it!

Whatever your day demands, we have found and tested natural and organic deodorants that work. As well as a range of unscented products, we stock deodorants with delicious aromas like Fresh Jasmine, Uplifting Citrus, Sweet Vanilla and Tropical Coconut, and masculine scents like Wooden Spice. With such a variety available, we’re confident you will easily find the perfect scent for you. We also understand that some underarms can be sensitive to natural ingredients so we will always have a huge selection of bi-carb free deodorants designed for those with sensitive skin

Natural roll ons, sticks, pastes and sprays

Natural and organic deodorants come in a variety of formulations. Pastes are increasingly popular and are warmed in your fingers and then smoothed onto your underarms. We stock a range of stick deodorants that are fast absorbing and don’t leave any sticky residue. Nourished Life also caters for those who love the more traditional roll-on or spray formulations. We always have an extensive range of all these products at the best prices, including some great multi-pack deals so you can save by getting together with your family and friends and organising a bulk budget buy!

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