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Home Exchange

Home exchange, also known as house swapping.  Is a form of lodging in which two parties agree to offer each other homestays. For a set period of time. Since no monetary exchange takes place, it is a form of barter, collaborative consumption, and sharing. Home exchange can cover any type of residence including apartments, houses, holiday cottages, boats, or recreational vehicles.

It suits those with some flexibility and would like to explore more of the world, on a budget. It is also a great choice for family travel.  Where there are several age groups to cater for with diverse interests and needs.

People Like Us is a fast-growing website for international house exchange, started by Sydney-based Drew Seitam in 2018. 

“We have found that there’s a certain spirit amongst our community of home-swappers” says Drew Seitam, founder  “I have been overwhelmed at the kindness, trust and warmth we’ve seen all over the world. I feel like it’s a big global family”.

Unlike other house exchange sites, it is straightforward to understand and user-friendly, with solid foundations in a shared value system –  honesty, trust, generosity and respect. Not only are people experiencing unique cultural journeys all over the world, but they are also making lasting friendships along the way.

Completely free and without obligation, it’s just a matter of signing up and registering. You can then choose from literally hundreds of destinations around the world, to gain a unique travel experience.

Check out the Facebook page, to gain an understanding of the spirit of People Like Us

About Drew Seitam, Founder

home exchange

My wife and I live in Sydney with our son and we love travel. In 2017, we were having a chat about what future life might look like after school. We want to travel overseas for three to six months at a time. We want to improve our language skills. The conversation inevitably got to how we’d afford that and we talked about home swapping to keep the costs down.

We had an idea to set up our own community. We know a lot of people overseas and we thought it would be fun to run our own network. And so, the idea of People Like Us was born. The original idea was to have private communities but it turned out not as popular as our public community so that’s what we focus on now.

The site was launched on the 1st of April 2018 and, in a very short space of time, has grown into the world’s friendliest community of home swappers. We’re people who want to share, who love home exchange, who want to see what it’s like to actually live in a destination. We’re a mix of people who have loads of experience and complete newbies but we’re engaged and actively looking for our next swap even if that’s two years away.

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