Fake Tan: The best *believable* fake tans (that won’t leave you looking like Ross Geller)*

There’s nothing, we repeat nothing, worse than waking up to a brighter new you… well, bright enough to be Ross Geller’s dupe when he gets his spray tan.

Waking to a ‘fake tan gone wrong’ is everyone’s worst nightmare, and unfortunately has happened to majority of us. In fact, so many people can relate to the pain that it’s literally become a trend on YouTube.

But fear no more, because these tried-and-tested products will guarantee you wake up looking glowing and fresh AF. Read: No Ross’ or Trumps here.

1. Best for: colour

fake tan

Mine Tan Invisible Color Self Tan Foam + Color Create Tan Drops RRP$44.98  $34.99

Ideal for those who can’t find a tan to suit their skin tone or for seasoned tanning pros, these drops allow you to customise your colour as you please. Add violet for a deep glow, blue-black for a cool undertone or Mink for everyday natural radiance. And as your skin naturally becomes deeper as summer drags on you can adjust your tan to match.

2. Best for: speed

fake tan

ModelCo Tan Water RRP$25 $17.50

A revolutionary fragrance-free tanning mist that goes on clear and develops into a gradual glow over four hours. Perfect for when you need to spray-and-go, or to top up an existing tan. Plus, it dries in seconds and promises to keep your sheets clean.

3. Best for: skin

fake tan

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pad for Body $66 for 8

This cult fave blends skincare with fake tan in the form of a towelette to bring you the ultimate tanning experience. Powerhouse ingredients Vitamin D and Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids work to exfoliate and smooth skin as it tans. Start at your feet and rub upwards in circular motions blending as you go.

4. Best for: staying power

fake tan

Rodan + Fields Essentials Foaming Sunless Tan $35

Into foams? This guy is super lightweight and infused with RF-Dcell technology – a sciency way to tell you it’ll make your tan last ages by preventing dehydration – the main culprit behind a fading glow. For a streak-free finish always apply foams and mousse with a mitt.

*article first appeared on Body and Soul

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